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Yoga Roots

Mon 9:15am, Tues 9:15am, Wed 7:15pm, Thurs 4:45pm, Sat 10:30am


In this class, you'll learn foundational yoga postures in a safe, alignment-based class. Geared to beginners and experienced yogis looking for a moderately-paced class with lots of opportunities to learn and grow.


Flow 1

Mon 6:00pm, Wed 4:45pm, Fri 6:15am, Fri 10:30am, Sun 9:15am


Vinyasa is the union of breath with movement. Learn to flow in this moderately-paced class, which builds on Yoga Roots, and moves through a well-sequenced series of postures. Leave feeling stretched and balanced.


Flow 2

Tues 10:30am, Tues 6:00pm


Faster paced, and will include challenging poses. Arm balances and inversions will be explored with guidance and support from experienced instructors.


All Levels Flow

Wed 6:00pm, Wed 7:30am Thurs 9:15am, Sat 9:15am


Open to beginner, intermediate, and advanced yogis. A breath-based flow class with lots of room for modifications and variations to personalize your practice. Think of this as Level 1.5


Flow & Restore

Thurs 7:45pm, Sun 4:30pm


45 minutes of all-levels vinyasa flow followed by 15 mins of restorative or yin yoga.



Thurs 10:30am


Gentle postures are introduced at a slow pace, with emphasis on comfort and support to promote deep relaxation. Leave feeling reconnected to inner-peace and well being.



Mon 7:30am, Mon 7:15pm, Tues 6:15am, Fri 9:15am


You'll be guided through an approachable sequence of poses with lots of options to modify your movements to fit your body's needs. You'll be encouraged to move at your own pace, and will explore ways to ease pain, and increase comfort.


Yoga Fit

Mon 10:30am, Tues 7:45pm Wed 9:15am, Sat 8:00am


Plan to break a sweat. A high energy class with a blend of traditional poses and variations. Making use of your own body weight as well as hand weights and other tools to strengthen and tone the entire body.



Tues 4:30pm, Thurs 6:00pm, Sun 8:00am


Pilates teaches the body to move as a efficient, holistic system. Well balanced core work to support spinal health and improve balance. This class will build on the basic series of exercises Joseph Pilates created years ago to promote health and wellbeing.



Sun 10:30am


Meditation only. Learn to uncover the happiness and well-being that's already within you through simple, powerful guided meditation techniques. All are welcome. 


Restore & Meditate

Wed 10:30am


A relaxing blend of restful yoga postures and guided meditation to bring you into a state of wellbeing and teach you how to bring peace and ease into your everyday life. 30 minutes of restorative yoga followed by 30 minutes of guided meditation.



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