Community Acupuncture Oyster Bay Yoga

Community Acupuncture

Community Acupuncture, with Maddy Mindich, LAc, is a service that will be offered the first Friday of each month at Oyster Bay Yoga from 5-7:30pm. Starting May 4th, 2018.

Register for a 45-min session that includes acupuncture with tuning forks and essential oils, as well as time on the BioMats and herbal tea. 

When you participate in a Wellsprings Community Acupuncture clinic, you have the opportunity to receive acupuncture for general wellness and individual needs. Although community acupuncture is experienced fully clothed, using points on the hands, arms, feet, legs and head, the acupuncturist is able to choose points that will effect the whole body. Often, the most powerful points are on the extremities! The scope of the acupuncture remains the same with the same benefits— addressing deep issues like chronic pain, digestive upset, neurological issues, hormonal imbalances AND relieving symptoms from the head to the toes like headaches, hot flashes, seasonal allergies, edema and sciatica. When an individual is healthy, they impact the health of their community, when a community is healthy, they can shift the health of the world!

Come GET WELL together and join Wellsprings Natural Health for an Introduction to Community Acupuncture at Oyster Bay Yoga to explore if Community Acupuncture is a tool you & your community would like to use to achieve your health and vibrancy goals!

$40 per person

***Navigate to 1st Friday of the month to see available  time slots***