oyster bay yoga

Liz Miller


Q&A with Liz

Describe yourself in 3 words: open-minded – energetic – spiritual

How do you want your students to feel after your classes? Relaxed and connected to their highest self.

How did you become an instructor? After falling in love with yoga I quickly became interested in teacher training in order to go deeper in my practice. I did not intend to teach but ultimately the desire started to creep in. Something about sequencing a class brought me back to choreographing dances as a kid with my sister, which was a highlight of my childhood. Also, there’s nothing quite like serving others.

If you weren't a teacher, what would be your dream job? I envision some sort of hybrid job that involves movement therapy and mental health counseling. Outside of being a yoga teacher, I am completing a masters in psychoanalysis. My passion for yoga and analysis sprouts from the desire to heal and the recognition that healing comes in different forms.

What do you miss most about being a kid? The lack of preconceptions about the world! Yoga is all about getting back to that place of pure presence.

What's your favorite asana and why? Savasana! It’s easy to think of it as the nap at the end, but it’s a fully conscious pose in which you are awake but completely relaxed in order to integrate your practice on the mat into your life off the mat. I love the feeling of soaking up the residue of my practice.

Describe your teaching style: I would call it spiritual vinyasa flow.

Tell us about your first yoga class (or a memorable experience from your early yoga days): I was looking to understand more about myself and some cosmic force was drawing me towards yoga. At the first class I took, I was the only person there. I really connected with the teacher’s style and words, and for a full hour I was totally present. This was during a time in my life when it seemed my mind was always elsewhere so it was a profound experience for me to feel such internal spaciousness. I received a glimpse of the truth of myself in the form of a sense of freedom from the craze of life that I didn’t think could ever be separated out. Every couple days I returned looking to revisit my internal sanctuary. That day my life changed and I’ve been committed to awakening to my inner truth and dissolving my resistances ever since.