6-Week Prenatal Series

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Prenatal Yoga

Experienced Yoga Teacher and DONA International Birth Doula Bobbi Kalenderian brings to her prenatal yoga classes her vast knowledge of natural labor, birth and the postpartum period.  As well as lend support for breastfeeding and baby care as a mother of three school age children herself.  Bobbi practiced prenatal yoga with all three of her pregnancies and knows first hand the benefits of a firm mind body connection in order to achieve a positive birth experience!

Bobbi’s passion for assisting birthing woman through the beautiful journey that is motherhood. Prenatal yoga weaves together yoga and childbirth preparation in order to help women reclaim their emotional, physical and mental power as birthing woman.  Through learning to be more present by reconnecting with the breath woman can trust their instinctual selves.  Women possess an automatic knowledge of what their needs are in order to open for birth.

An expecting mother joining this class should expect a safe place to connect to their changing bodies, their babies and each other.  Asana (physical postures) and Pranayama (breath work) prepare women physically by stretching and strengthening the muscles that support her changing body, as well as make space for the breath and growing baby in order to ease common pregnancy discomfort.  Please bring your mat and all supportive props will be provided.  Allow 90 minutes for this class so all questions related to pregnancy & birth can be answered.